How to Create (Legit) Backlinks to Your Site with Reddit

Reddit for Law Firm MarketingFirst let me tell you right up front that I haven’t tried this technique yet, but I have no doubt that it will work based on the video you are about to see.

Let me also tell you that the guy who does the video, “Jay”, really knows his stuff, but he takes a little getting used to. He is a self-proclaimed stoner, and he really works that persona. He is not adverse to peppering his presentation with some colorful language. But get past all that because he is really engaging and presents some great information.

OK, with the disclaimers out of the way, let me add my two cents.

Jay is big on niche sites, as am I, but he is talking about sites where you just want to get as many visitors as possible in order to sell merchandise or make money off of Google ads. He has no concerns about the quality of the visitors to his site. With a legal website, we want people who might actually retain us, so the situation is different.

But there is still something to be gained by the using Reddit in the manner he proposes, even if it never brings a prospective client to your site — the “link juice”. If you’ve read my articles here and on Practice of Law, you know that I think fake backlinks are gaming the system and should be avoided. But there is certainly nothing wrong with you linking to your own content where appropriate. Presumably, you are proud of the content you provide and want as many people to see it as possible. Nothing wrong with letting the world know you’ve written a good article.

Under Jay’s plan, you create a great article with a catchy title, and you post a comment on Reddit about your article with a link to that article. That process by itself creates an SEO beneficial link to your website. But it gets better. As people comment on the article, that creates links to your article in their comments, and wango bango you end up with a bunch of valuable links to your site, all because you were kind enough to let people know about the excellent article you wrote.

But when you write that article, keep the Reddit demographic firmly in mind. If you don’t have a valuable contribution to the Reddit community, don’t post your link. And for the love of Pete, don’t try to send the Reddit crowd to a dry article about the latest bankruptcy law. If you are a BK attorney, write an article called “How to Buy a BMW Even Though You Just Filed Bankruptcy”. I don’t know if that’s possible, I’m not a bankruptcy attorney, but you get the point. Write an article that will intrigue Reddit visitors enough that they want to read what you are offering.

By the way, here’s a little headline trick that is very effective. Do a tease within the tease. If you’re a tax attorney and you do an article on the five best ways to avoid an audit, make the headline something like this: The Five Best Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit (number 3 will shock you). The reader might have skipped just another article about avoiding audits, but now he’s really curious why number 3 is so shocking.

I’m violating one of my own rules by telling you about Reddit, because I don’t want you jumping around from one form of social media to another, but this one is so easy I think you’d do well to add it to your marketing mix.

So on with the video. Light some incense and listen to what Jay has to say about Reddit.

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