Law Firm Marketing Resources and Other Tools

While keeping an ever vigilant eye on the bottom line, I try to stay on the bleeding edge of technology and office systems in order to stay one step ahead of the competition in terms of efficiency and client service. I thought it would be a good resource for you if I listed some of the law firm marketing resources I use and recommend.

Unless otherwise indicated, everything you see below are products I use. Some of the links below are affiliate links, but in all cases it was after I decided to recommend the product that I checked to see if the company offered an affiliate program, not the other way around. Go to the COOL TOOLS page for more detailed reviews of some of these resources.


How to Get New Clients How to Create a Big, Fat Pipeline of New Clients for Your Law Firm in Just 10 Days The e-book that started it all. It took me about two years to write this book, and when published it shot straight to number one on Amazon in the category of law firm marketing and has pretty much stayed there ever since. This e-book is your roadmap and key to SEO and niche marketing. It is the foundation for everything we discuss here. The book is more than 30,000 words long, so I can’t really summarize what it teaches every time I want to explain an SEO technique. There are law firm marketing companies charging $49,000 for information that is not anywhere near as effective as what I provide here and in the book. Buy the e-book and we’ll call it even.
WordPress — WordPress is a free “content management system” for your websites. It began as “blogging” software so you’ll still hear a lot of people refer to it in that manner, but people in the know use it for all their websites. It is incredibly easy to use with a bazillion free themes to chose from, so even a neophyte can create an impressive, professional looking blog or website. Also, there are legions of WordPress experts that can work on your site to get it to look and perform however you want. As knowledgeable as I am with WordPress, it is usually more efficient to let someone else tweak it for me. If I think a different banner might look nice, I pay someone $5 on to do it for me. There is no where you need to go to get WordPress. When you sign up for HostGator or Bluehost below, they both offer one-click installation of WordPress. DO NOT, however, host your site at You can host a free site there, but then WordPress controls your site, and limits what you can do with it.
HostGator – Your website has to live somewhere, and that is your hosting service. Hosting services have become amazingly inexpensive. Indeed, with hosting services such as HostGator and Bluehost, you can host an UNLIMITED number of websites with UNLIMITED bandwidth and UNLIMITED space for about $5 per month. I say “about” because the prices seem to drop day by day. As I am writing this, HostGator is offering your first month of hosting for just one cent. So, regardless of what the price might say to the left, just click on that image and through my affiliate link you will get the lowest price available. I use three different hosting services — GoDaddy, HostGator and Bluehost. HostGator and Bluehost are now my favorite hosting services, and I still have some sites on GoDaddy only because that’s where I originally started and I don’t want to take the time to migrate them over to HostGator and Bluehost. As to why I use both Hostgator and Bluehost, that just comes down to security and diversification. [Go here for my detailed review of Hostgator] [Order Now]
Bluehost Bluehost and HostGator both offer one-click installation of WordPress sites, and both use the Weebly website creator if you want to create a website that is not based on WordPress. (Don’t tell them but) I see these two hosting services as identical, and you’ll be fine with whichever one you choose. Both also provide killer technical support. [Go here for my detailed review of Bluehost] [Order Now]
ManageWP – As I have explained elsewhere, to maximize your SEO results and bring in the most new clients, you need a mix of niche websites and blogs devoted to your various practice areas. “Niches make riches”, so even if you only do family law, that can be broken down into narrower practice areas in order to boost your rankings. You’re not just a “family lawyer”, you handle uncontested divorces, child custody disputes, fathers’ rights, etc. ManageWP is a FREE program that acts as a front end to all your WordPress websites. I could not possibly manage all my websites without ManageWP. [Go here for my detailed review of ManageWP.] [Order Now]
Dollar Photo Club Dollar Photo Club Now that you’re writing blog articles, you need to jazz them up with photos. Estimates are that articles with photos have a 94% better chance of being read. But stock photos can be expensive. I used to use a service called ShutterStock, which charged me about $10 per image. Add a couple of photos to a blog post to give it a little punch, and that starts to get expensive. Then I found Dollar Photo Club. Images are just a buck a piece, and the selection is amazing. There is simply no better source for stock photos than Dollar Photo Club, at any price.[Go here for my detailed review of Dollar Photo Club.] [Order Now]
Aweber – The most common mistake made by bloggers (including moi) is to wait too long to start collecting email subscribers. People don’t subscribe to blogs the way the used to. You need to send them email reminders to keep reminding them of your existence. If you don’t capture that email address on the first visit, they may be lost forever. Why would anyone want to be on your email list? For any number of reasons. But why ask why? If they subscribe, they will become a valuable asset. Aweber is what I use. It is the industry leader, and the program makes it crazy easy to set up everything, including the opt in form.  [Order Now]
Yoast Plug-in Yoast SEO Plugin  Contrary to what some will tell you, WordPress is not very good at SEO in its native form. This plug-in puts a traffic light next to the publish button on WordPress, warning you not to hit publish until the light is green. I was not doing near enough to optimize my blog posts until I started using Yoast SEO. It is far more sophisticated than the traffic light. Even when you get the green light, you can click on a tab that analyzes everything you’ve done and makes suggestions on how to make it even better. For example, it measures the keyword density of the article and tells you if you need to go higher. Best of all, it’s FREE. On your ManageWP panel, go to plug-ins and search for “Yoast SEO” and then install it to all your WordPress sites. [Go here for my detailed review of the FREE Yoast SEO Plugin.]
Nuance-Launches-Free-iPhone-App-Dragon-Remote-Microphone-2 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 – Content marketing is based on, you guessed it, content. Many firms farm out their content production, but I think that’s a horrible idea. You need an authoritative and perhaps even controversial voice in order to stand out, and generic articles written by someone else will do little to establish you as an expert in your field. You can talk faster than you can type (that’s why court reporters have to use those fancy machines instead of computer keyboards), so speaking is a much faster way to create content. If you are still not convinced, invest 99 cents and pick up a copy of How To Write A Book Without Typing, a great e-book that touts the virtues of techniques of dictation. [Go here for my detailed review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.]


Kindle Fire HDX There is a huge reason to own a Kindle as opposed to other tablets. That reason is text-to-speech. I absorb on average four books per week that I would never have the time to read if I had to sit and stare at the screen.

Not all kindles offer text-to-speech, but the Kindle Fire HD and the Kindle Fire HDX do. Again, I am always looking for ways to be at the bleeding edge of technology. We are in a wonderful time of readily available and very inexpensive e-books on every conceivable topic. The 99 cent e-book I discussed above would have easily cost $10 just a few years ago as a softcover, assuming a short book like that would ever have been published. Now, I was able to absorb some great information with just a 99 cent investment (and no trees had to die). [Go here for my detailed discussion of the various Kindle Fire models.]

Notice: I provide affiliate links in this website that pay me a few shekels if you click through and buy the product. However, in all cases these were products that I was using and recommending before I became an affiliate. If you do purchase through my affiliate link, thank you so much for your support!