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Website design is the face of your business. It’s the nicest suit you wear to a meeting with your client, the neatly combed hair and shiny shoes.

Not all of us have been born to be Web designers or coders, but a few simple changes can help your law firm’s website to stand out just like a brand new suit.

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One simple suggestion is to make your phone number and email address readily apparent on EVERY PAGE! I occasionally have to vet attorneys in other practice areas for my clients, and I am amazed at the website problems I encounter, the most glaring of which is that I have to hunt for the firm’s telephone number and email address. Never make the potential client work, just to contact you. Many firms apparently think all the contact information can be relegated to an “About Us” page, but why make the client jump through that hoop.

Think of it this way. Some visitors to your page are searching for information before they call you, but others are just using the Internet as electronic yellow pages. Don’t assume that every visitor to your site will come in through the home page, or that they want to take the time to go to your contact page if they decide to contact you. Show your telephone number on every page.

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