A Heartfelt Thank You for the #1 Law Firm Marketing Book on Amazon

One year ago today my e-book on law firm marketing, How to Create a Big, Fat Pipeline of New Clients for Your Law Firm in Just 10 Days, appeared on Amazon, and shot straight to number one among all the books in that category. It occasionally drifts down a spot or two, but for the most part it has remained #1 throughout the year. Other than the readers who find it while doing a search on Amazon, the only other source of promotion is here, and on my companion site, Practice of Law Blog.

Thanks to those of you who have purchased the book. At just $4.99 per copy, I won’t be retiring anytime soon, but it was a labor of love and it is very rewarding to see it doing so well. I hope you were able to implement my suggestions, and that they are working for you as well as they have worked for me.

The feedback has been amazing. I love hearing from those who have applied the principles and write to me to let me know how well they are working. But my favorite email so far was from an attorney who wrote to say she must be doing something wrong because she’d seen no increase in phone calls from potential clients after doing what I suggested. A couple of days went by before I had the time to review the one website she had created, and while she had followed my advice to the letter in selecting a domain name, she had not implemented the other two parts of the Trifecta discussed in my book. I called her to explain what she had missed, but she advised me that in the days since her email to me, the website had “kicked in” and was generating calls. And that was with the implementation of just a small part of the technique set forth in the book. Just imagine how well the website will do once she implements all the suggestions.

Thanks again.

[Update:] Now you can get the #1 law firm marketing book on Amazon for FREE with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Click here to sign up for Kindle Unlimited, and you can try it for free for 30 days. Thereafter, if you decide to keep it, it’s just $9.99 per month. Here is my review of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

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