Let Me Google That For You


Let Me Google that For You

I just had one of those “how did I not know about this great website” moments. But first let me tell you how I’m going to use this site.

Here is how the call typically goes.

Caller:  “I just got fired and my union isn’t doing anything about it.”

Me:  “Oh, I’m so sorry, we don’t handle wrongful termination cases that involve union workers.  There are some additional procedures when a union contract is involved, and we feel that clients are better served by attorneys who specialize in those type of cases. Unfortunately, the attorney I used to refer those to got out of the business, so I’m looking for a good referral. If you do find a good attorney, would you do me a favor and call me back with your experience so I’ll know if that would be a person to whom I can send union cases?”

Caller:  “How would I do that?”

Me:  “Call me back?”

Caller:  “No, find an attorney.”

Me:  “How did you find me?”

Caller:  “I Googled you.”

Me:  “Good. Do the same thing, just add an additional search term to get an attorney that handles union cases.”

Caller:  “How would I do that?”

And so it would go.

Now with Let Me Google that For You (lmgtfy.com), I can find the information the caller is seeking, and send it to them in an email.  It gives me a link I can send with all the search results. Click this link to see what the caller receives.

OK, I probably won’t use it. But I could.

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